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Terms for Purchase

By submitting this order either by mail or by telephone, you, hereinafter referred to as "the customer," agree to the following Terms for Purchase:

1. All products purchased from the website, hereinafter referred to as "Nauvoo Artist," shall be mailed to the mailing address specified.

2. All products purchased from the Nauvoo Artist shall be insured for the full value of the products based on their total sale price. If a product is lost or damaged due to fault in shipping, the customer shall receive another of the same product(s) in its place. If additional products are not available due to one-of-a-kind products or discontinued merchandise, the customer shall be reimbursed for the full amount he/she paid for the lost or damaged merchandise. If extended delays occur due to getting replacement product(s) packaged for re-shipping, the customer may choose to be reimbursed for the full amount he/she paid for the lost or damaged merchandise.

3. Nauvoo Artist is under no obligation to accept returned merchandise nor to refund money for purchases; only if and when a Return Policy has been written into the product description found within the respective village shop page or village-linked website page where the item is listed for sale. Most items are non-returnable, and payments are non-refundable unless otherwise specified.

4. The merchandise Exchange Policy varies depending on the individual village shops and village-linked websites. Contact the specific shop or linked website for this information.

5. Customers must allow up to 21 days for delivery of their purchases and sometimes longer for shipments sent over seas. If a customer experiences an unreasonable delay in receiving his/her merchandise, the customer shall first contact the shop keeper or village-linked website owner direct to settle the matter. (The GKMIT.Com has a list of all e-mail and postal address for each vender on this site for the customer's convenience in contacting shop keepers and website owners.) If no attempt is made on the part of the shop keeper or website owner once contacted about a delay in delivery, than the customer shall bring the matter to the GKMIT.Com by sending their complaint to

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