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Purchasing Information

Shipping, handling, & insurance included...
All original paintings and Limited Editions are fully insured during shipping at the purchase value. Prices are listed in US Dollars. Overseas and other foreign shipments are subject to additional shipping & handling fees depending on destination, size dimension and weight of the framed or unframed painting or print. All destinations within the state of Illinois (USA) are subject to Illinois sales tax (6.25%).

Original art purchases...
Because the image quality on the internet does little to truly represent the color, texture and overall quality of an original work of art, NauvooArtist.com allows the buyer of an original artwork seven (7) days upon receipt to view the artwork and return it for a full refund (less the cost of insurred shipping and handling) in the event the buyer is not satisfied with the original artwork. The seven (7) days shall begin on the day the work is delivered to the buyer and shall end at midnight on the seventh day thereafter. The buyer is responsible to pay all return shipping. The date of return shall be determined by the post office date (or other carrier date) marked on the return parcel. It is in the buyer's best interest that he/she insure the artwork for the full value when returning it. If the artwork is damaged during return shipping, NauvooArtist.com shall hold the buyer liable for the damages. The buyer upon making the initial purchase agrees to this term of liability. If a buyer does not return the original artwork within seven (7) days, NauvooArtist.com will consider the work sold and shall not be under any obligation to refund any payment or to buy-back the artwork.

For Commissioned art work...
Please contact the artist direct. The most convenient way is by email. Click on the Village E-mail Office and a complete list of village artists' email addresses can be found. Please do not telephone an artist prior to sending a letter either by email or by postal service. The artist will return your letter and will either be open to commission work or not. When he or she is open to accept a commission, discussion and negotiations can begin.

For Commissioned work only: Pay half now, half upon delivery...
Please make checks payable in US dollars to Steve Hanlin. Send a deposit of half (50%) the total payment in advance to:

Steve Hanlin
1 Butternut Bluff
Nauvoo, Ill 62354

What to send...
When ordering, be sure to include the following:

  •  Photographs and specific information you have about the subject or theme of the art work the artist has agreed to create.

  •  Deposit of 50% the total price.

  •  Your name & address on a completed Order Form.

  •  The best way to contact you during the day and evening (i.e.; email, telephone)

Click here to view Service Order/Commission Form for printing

For all other art work purhcases...
If ordering by mail, be sure to include the following:

  •  Payment of 100% the total price including sales tax (if applicable) and shipping. Payments may be made by credit card or personal check. (Personal checks take longer to process.)

  •  Your name & address on a completed Order Form.

  •  The inventory number and description of the art work you are purchasing.

  •  The best way to contact you during the day and evening.

For Reserving Limited Edition art prints that have not yet been printed...
Complete all the steps listed above. An inventory number does not exist, so be sure to write the complete name of the art work in the description column of the Reservation Order Form. Credit Card information may be included and the information will be retained in confidence until your print is ready for shipping. Do NOT send a check or other payment until you have been informed by phone or e-mail that your Limited Edition is ready for shipping.

Click here to view Reservation Order Form for printing

Additional terms and information...
All listed prices are subject to change except when locked down by a deposit, reservation, or payment in full from a single buyer. If two or more Mail Orders are received for the same artwork, the buyer with the earliest post office mark will be received. The other buyer(s) will be notified by E-mail or telephone (whichever method of contact preferred) and he/she will have the option to apply part or all of their purchase amount toward other artwork, goods and services available in the Nauvoo Artist, or receive a full refund. In the event that two or more Mail Orders are received for the same artwork with the same post office date, the artwork will then be sold to the highest bidder. Only the buyers whose orders were post marked on the same earliest date will be allowed to participate in the bidding.

The Mail Order Form...
An order form must accompany each Mail Order. Please print the order form which can be found by following the link below, fill it out, and be sure to include your signature and the date which authorizes the order and to confirm that you agree to the terms of this agreement for purchasing artwork by mail as stated above.

Click here to view Mail Order Form for printing


Mail order forms to:
Steve Hanlin
1 Butternut Bluff
Nauvoo, Ill 62354
Email Orders to : NauvooArtist@yahoo.com